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Xbox Live
Works On:
Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One
Ubisoft Studios
Release date:
October 5, 2018
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About the Game

Assassins Creed Odyssey is the latest in the wide-ranging and popular action role-playing series in which the player becomes an assassin in a certain era. There are, to date, ten main games and seventeen spin-off games as well as a lot of other products, such as books and films.

As often, with such carefully realized worlds, there are multiple overlapping storylines, some of which the player can heavily influence. The broad storyline deals with the attempt to eradicate an evil Greek cult along with the discovery of evidence of Atlantean creatures and artefacts.

Meanwhile the more intimate story deals with the character’s attempt to reunite and heal his or her family, having been left for dead in their youth.

The game is strongly role-playing, with almost every player’s choice making a difference to the outcome of the quest or mission. The world is highly interactive with plenty of authentic seeming dialogue options, and the opportunity for quests to branch off in a number of ways, which – obviously – provides the option for multiple endings. This means that you can play over areas and quests as often as you like, getting different results each time.

Male/Female : Spartan/Athenian – the Choice is Yours

The player chooses to be male (Alexios) or female (Kassandra): a mercenary who is a descendant of the famed Leonidas 1. They have inherited his broken spear and rework the fragments into a new powerful weapon with attendant new powers to be explored and mastered.

You join the battle between Sparta and Athens in 431BC, and as you are a mercenary, you can choose to be on either side, according to your preferences. As the game is highly story-driven, your character can have romantic relationships with NPCs (non-playing characters). You can even choose same-sex partners, if you so desire, making the game effortlessly inclusive.

Trees and Ships (and sealing wax!)

The game allows players to develop their skills by filling up skill trees, of which there are three:

  • Assassin skill tree: deals with stealth and silent takedowns of enemies
  • Weapons skill tree: deals with close-up combat using swords, spears and similar weapons
  • Hunter skill tree: deals with distance combat, such as using a bow and arrow to take down an enemy from far

As well as these skill trees, each piece of equipment is graded and rated and each provides the player with certain benefits. All of these pieces of gear can be upgraded separately to give the player the maximum benefit in any scenario.

The sea combat that was such a hit in Origins has returned, and players can take their battle to the high seas, slicing triremes in half or swinging alongside to board the ship and fight the inhabitants. The ships and setting are appropriate for the game setting so you can indulge in naval combat using Hellenistic-era warships and exploring the Aegean Sea to your heart’s content.

A Bit About Gameplay

The game’s graphics are beautiful and the open world is immense, positively inviting exploration. Each region is depicted so it is distinct from the one before, but all are exquisitely detailed to play through.

The player has a lot of agency within the game, and can choose to do things for their own reasons – or for no reason at all! This adds immeasurably to the charm of the game, as it gets you invested in doing things your way and seeing how it all comes out in the long run.

The game is a beautiful combination of systems, something that might seem like overkill, but is not. The systems work well to create an engaging world that you will not want to leave until you have filled this metre, mastered that weapon, or just had a look over the hill just there, see?

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