RPG or Role-playing Games genre is all about character progression. These character-centric games aim to shape and form a character within a particular story. Various quests, dungeons, monsters, bosses, and other challenges are often expected in these games. RPGs are fundamentally creative games: even the ones focused on killing and destroying are in fact about maximizing the potential of your character or a party group.

RPGs are also about making consequential choices. Whether it’s exploring, making tactical decisions to win battles, selectively upgrading gear, choosing which loot to collect, or distributing stat points – a player is forced to lose something in order to gain something else. Same limitations also stand true for party-based RPGs.

  • Overwatch: Standard Edition (PC)

    Overwatch: Standard Edition (PC)

  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition (PC)

    Overwatch: Legendary Edition (PC)

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